Dinosaur tracksite Kirmenjak quarry.

These dinosaur tracks were found in 2007, about 1 km south of earlier finds in 2003, and were formed in the Jurassic period during the late Tithonian (145 – 152.1 mya). Research of the 15 footprints present here has shown that these belong to the Sauropod dinosaur with a length of 16 meters and a walking speed of 2 km / hour.


Name: Dinosaur tracksite Kirmenjak quarry.

Place: Near Begi – (Poreć).

Coordinates: 45.17159 N – 13.6821

Elevation: 119 meter.

Dinosaurus footprints in the quarry Kirmenjak

In the Kirmenjak quarry in 2007 about 1000 footprints from the Sauropod dinosaur were established in about 20 trackways in the limestone formed during the Upper Jurassic (163.5 million years ago and ended 145 mya).


Name: Dinosaur footprints quarry Kirmanjak.

Place: Near Kirmenjak – (Poreć).

Coordinates: 45.18180 N – 13-69536 E

Hiking trail Vela Draga, Učka mountain

Vela draga is since 1963 protected as a natural area reserve and five years later as a geomorphological monument. In this canyon are impressive rocks and limestone towers upto 100 meters.
The rocks in the Učka are formed between 140 million years ago and 30 million years ago, and by the organism of shells were formed sediment layers, and by compacting and cementing processes it became solid limestone rocks.
By karstification (melting, abrasion and erosion) the canyon got its form.


Name: Vela Draga

Place: Učka natural reserve

Coordinates: Entrance  45.31986 N 14.16989 E

cave: 45.31537 N 14.16903 E

Minjera – Bauxite Mines – Buzet

The mines are located in the valley of the river Mirna on a hill named Minjera near Sovinjak. They started here with excavations  of the puritanic bauxite  in the 16th century.  In 1780 a Venetian Pietro Turrini  built here a plant for processing bauxite into sulphuric acid and alum that was used among other for tanning leather. The mines were closed  in 1856.

Name: Minjera

Place: Sovinjak – (Buzet)

Coordinates: 45.38628 N – 13.92662 E  to 45.38971 N -13.93498 E