Prehistoric settlement / gradine Sv. Agata – waterspring Kašteljer.

This Gradine originated in the Bronze Age. The Istrians lived here in the first century BC. After being recaptured by the Romans this location was uses as an army camp. The church Sv. Agata was built in the 11th century.
Not far from this location is a cave with a waterspring called Kašteljer.


Name: Prehistoric settlement / gradine Sv. Agata . waterspring Kašteljer.

Place: Kanfanar


Sv. Agata: 45.13666 N – 13.84532 E, waterspring Kašteljer. 45.13424 N – 13.84097 E.


Spring Badavca

The Book of Boundaries states that this water spring is a delimitation of the road Motovun and Trviž. On the stone that be engraved 700 years ago, the text: “Therefore justice cried out for the the injustice to be eradicated.”

There are also twelve stones with the name of places in the surrounding, and the message on a stone : “That they are all united in peace”.
On this place is also a sundial.

Name: Badavca.

Place: Near Karojba.

Coordinates: 45.27476 N – 13.79866 E

Sentona’s trail Labin – Rabac.

“Sentona trail” is the hiking path from the Old town Labin to Rabac. These pictures are from the part along the river Pećine with limestone barriers. On the end is the Nigri cave with a clear water spring.

Sentona is a goddess  and the patroness of travellers in this area in the 1st and 2nd century AD.

Name: Sentona’s trail.

Place: Labin – Rabac.


Start: 45.08727 N – 14.13641 E  to Nigri cave 45.08831 N -14.13468 E.