Scaraba Cape, Golden Cape – Forest Park – Zlatni Rt.

This park along the coast  of Rovinj with an area of 52.4 hectares is protected since 1948. It has alternates parts of natural forest and cultivated exotics.


Name: Scaraba Cape, Golden Cape – Forest Park – Zlatni Rt.

Place: Rovinj.

Coordinates: Trail from 45.06624 N -13.65263 E to 45.068880 N – 13.63423  E.

Spring Badavca

The Book of Boundaries states that this water spring is a delimitation of the road Motovun and Trviž. On the stone that be engraved 700 years ago, the text: “Therefore justice cried out for the the injustice to be eradicated.”

There are also twelve stones with the name of places in the surrounding, and the message on a stone : “That they are all united in peace”.
On this place is also a sundial.

Name: Badavca.

Place: Near Karojba.

Coordinates: 45.27476 N – 13.79866 E

Hiking trail Borut – Ruins St. Kocijan – Dausi –

Name: Hiking trail: Borut – Ruins St. Kocijan – Dausi.

Place: Borut, Dausi – (Cerovlje).


Start: 45.30389 N – 14.05126 E

Forest path: 45.30037 N – 14.04969 E.

Cv. Kocijan: 4529143 N – 14.05241 E.

Dausi: 45.29951 N – 14.05536 E.

Stream: Borutski stream

Church St. Anne – Trees.

Church St Anne is built on the place of an older church from the 5th Century and restored in 1976. The trees (oaks, hackberry, cedar, pines, cypress) around  the church are old and a botanical monument since 1973.

Name: St. Anne – Trees

Place: Červar – (Poreč).

Coordinates: 45.26891 N – 13.59377 E