Hiking path Nature park Kontija – Kloštar.

Nature park Kontija is located between the sea and the villages of Kloštar, Gradina, Flengi and the Lim Channel. It has an area of 65 ha. In 1964, this 140 year old forest was declared a reserve in connection with the wide variety of tree species, shrubs and plants.

In this area there used to be a prehistoric settlement with several caves along the Lim Channel, including the Romualdo Cave.

Name: Hiking path Kontija Nature Park

Place: Kloštar – (Vrsar)


Starting point: Former Benedictine monastery Kloštar: 45.1422 N – 13.7033 E. Pit caves Kontija forest: 45.14058 N – 13.69501 E, 45.14616 N – 13.72021 E and 45.13839 N – 13.67723 E. Viewpoint Lim Channel: 45. 13435 N – 13.68135 E.  Entrance path descent to Lim Channel:  45.1346 N – 13.6720 E.

Hiking path to Castrum Vrane – Vranja

This castle is first mentioned in 1102 as Castrum Vrane. In 137o it belonged to the Habsburgs, and in the 16th Century it was belonging to the Pazin prince. During its exist it is several times reconstructed for the defence of the Ottoman empire.The castle was important in the Uskok war (1615-1618) between the Venetian Republic and Austria.


Name: Castrum Vrane

Place: Vranja – Baričivići – (Lupoglav).


Starting point: 45.317 N -14.15744 E  (Baričevići), crossing with stream Crnjak: 45.31661  N – 14.15854 E; crossing stream: 45.31493 N – 14.15854 E; Ruins castrum Vrane: 45.31393 N – 14.15846 E, Viewpoint 45.31369 N – 14.1579 E.

Parish Church St. Peter and Paul – Vranja

In this church are fresco’s from 1470 (see the post with fresco’s of 2017-05-09). The church is extended in the 17th and 19th Century and restored again after World War II.

Opposite the church are the ruins of the Parish house.

Name: Parish Church St. Peter and Paul.

Place: Vranja – (Lupoglav)

Coordinates: 45.31601 N – 14.15570 E

Tumulus Maklavun

A tumulus has two parts, the entrance hall (dromos)  and the funeral chamber (tholos). This tumulus is from the Bronze Age (15oo – 1200 BC).

Name: Tumulus Maklavun

Place: Putini – (Kanfanar)

Coordinates: 45.1085 N – 13.7523 E

Rašpor castle

North of the village of Raspor are the ruins of the Raspor castle on the mountain Gradina (823 m).

This strategic place was already inhabited in prehistoric times and during the Roman period when a fortress came. After the fall of the Roman Empire around 1000 a castle was built here and eventually became it a Venetian seat managed by Raspor captains, who controlled the entire hinterland. In the early 16th century the castle was destroyed and the administration of the hinterland continued  from Buzet until the fall of Venice.



Name: Raspor castle

Place: Rašpor – (Lanišće)

Coordinates: Starting point 14.08068 N – 45.466008 E ; splitting 14.0893 N – 45.44945 E, Top Gradina: 14.08132 N – 45.44358 E