Cave Rebica near Brajcovići.

On 11 September 2011, cavers removed 5 m3 of waste from this 54 meter deep cave as part of the “Karst Underground Program” (KUP). This beautiful action was aimed at preventing and limiting groundwater pollution, avoiding the risk of using drinking water from drinking water sources.

Name: Cave Rebica near Brajcovići.

Place: Brajcovići – (Kanfanar)

Coordinates: 45.09887 N -13.76475 E.

Caves/pits near Velići – Vižinada

Along, and south of the agricultural road from Velići to the church St.Vital,  are  in the nature reserve  several pit caves. A  number of these have been contaminated by (recent) waste dumping.

The pictures with visible waste are not included in this post.

Name: Caves/pits near Veliće.

Place: Veliće – Vižinada.

Coordinates: Agricultural road (unpaved): 45.31143 N – 13.76148 E (several pits). Other pits/caves: 45.31098 N – 13.76563 E, 45.31180 N  – 13.76543 E,  45.31211 N – 13764.92 E, 45.31161 N -13.76487 E