Cave/abyss Bregi.

. This cave/abyss near the village of Brigi (Gračišće) is 273 meters deep and about 2 km long and collects rainwater from the surrounding hills.



Name: Cave/abyss Bregi.

Place: Near the vilage of Brigi – (Gračišće).

Coordinates: 45.19147 N – 14.00662 E.

Cave Rebica near Brajcovići.

On 11 September 2011, cavers removed 5 m3 of waste from this 54 meter deep cave as part of the “Karst Underground Program” (KUP). This beautiful action was aimed at preventing and limiting groundwater pollution, avoiding the risk of using drinking water from drinking water sources.

Name: Cave Rebica near Brajcovići.

Place: Brajcovići – (Kanfanar)

Coordinates: 45.09887 N -13.76475 E.