Watermills near Žudetići.

Near the village of Žudetići were, at the beginning of the last century, at the foot of some waterfalls, two watermills and one storage building in operation.

Today, the remains of the buildings, the millstones, the stone infrastructure of the waterways, as well as a large basin are still present for water storage.

Name: Watermills near Žudetići.

Place: Near Žudetići – (Vižinada).

Coordinates: 45.34786 N – 13.74425 E.

Views around Butoniga Lake.

Views from the villages Kaščerga, Ukotići, Sankovići, Ščulci, Paladini, Marčenegla and Negnar.

Lake Butoniga was built in 1988 for the drinking water supply of Pazin. Poreč and Rovinj. The surface of the lake is approximately 2.5 km2, and flows the Butoniga river, the Dragučki- theRačički and the Grdoselski stream. The overflow threshold is at a height of 45 meters asl. The drinking water capacity is about 1000 liters / sec.

Name: Views around Butoniga Lake.

Place: (Pazin) – (Buzet).