Hello, welcome to my website! An exploration of recent years in the world of art – in all his forms of appearance -, architecture and culture in photographic images from the beautiful Istria and its immediate surroundings.

In short an adventure that I hope is a base for further inspiration!

Many thanks go to Dagmar Kolatschny from Berlin for the realisation of this site!

How to find what you like?

Use the “Search” function (town, village etc., etc.), or click on a category.

Another possibility is to scroll through the pictures of the posts. What you see at first is the last post.

Each “post” has a bigger picture, but if you click on a smaller you can enlarge it and scroll by using the arrows. If you click on a clear part of the screen or Esc you can go to another older post. When you click on a category you get all the posts of that category.

Of course if you like a post, or if you have comments I like to read.

When you want a copy of a picture, send me an email with the name of the post and the number(s) of the picture and I will send them.

Note: the coordinates are in degrees.

Good luck!