Mutvoran is located 180 meters above sea level on a cliff above the Mutvoranska draga, which stretches from Prodol to Luka Budova. Mutvoran was also a prehistoric settlement from the Bronze and Iron Ages. This can partly be recognized by the wall that was built around Mutvaron, with no mortar between the blocks over a part on the south side of the wall.

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Name: Mutvoran.

Place: Mutvoran – (Marčana).

Coordinates: 44.95929 N – 13.985164 E.

Gradine – prehistoric settlement Sv. Križ.

This gradine had three terraces that can be distinguished in height. These are partially walled by defense walls with a width of approximately 4 meters and a height of 2 meters. Due to the favorable location, the people from prehistoric times had a good view of the surroundings such as the Mirna valley, the roads and the surrounding settlements. After the arrival of the Romans, this gradine was probably used as a guard post.

Name: Gradine – prehistoric settlement Sv. Križ.

Place: Near Zarvršje – (Grožnjan).

Coordinates: Starting point 45.37125 N – 13.76981 E. Top 45.37715 N – 13.76808 E.

Marozula near Červari

In this area a labyrinth of channels,rocks and caves with possible similarities with Škrače – Korenići.

Name: Marozula near Červari – Korinići.

Places:  Near Cervari – (Kanfanar).

Coordinates: 45.13984 N – 13.79525.

Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

This settlement has been used from the middle Bronze age to the end of the Histrian period. Perhaps also hereafter  through the discovery of Roman clay fragments.

Name: Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

Place: Near Bačva – (Višnjan).

Coordinates: Starting point  45.24287 N – 13.71310 E ; top: 45.24448 N . 13.71369 E.