Hiking trail M814 to Orljak (1105meters).

This trail starts in the village Lanišće in Cicarija. This area is known for its flora such as the yellow gentian, wild orchids, fauna and prehistoric history. The Church of St. Kancija in Lanišće was built in 1937 on the site of an earlier church from 1609, whose bell tower has been preserved. From Lanišće (540 meters a.s.l.) there is a path through the forest area to the Veprinac cesta at an altitude of 845 meters. with a viewpoint and a chapel of the blessed priest Miroslav Bulešić, who was murdered on August 24, 1947 by the communists in the aforementioned church. Near this chapel a steep path continues to Orljak.


Name: Hiking trail M814 to Orljak (1105meters).

Place: Lanišće

Coordinates: Start Lanišće 45.40769 N – 14.11535 E, Veprinaćka-cesta 45.41306 N – 14.12231 E, Chapel of Miroslav Bulešić, Orljak:45.41948 N – 14. 12675 E.

Views from Krasica, Martinčići and Oprtalj.


Name: Views from Krasica, Martinčići and Oprtalj.

 Place: Krasica-(Buje),Martinčići – (Grožnjan) – Oprtalj.

Coordinates: 45.38284 N – 13.70009 E, 45.38227 N – 13.70212 E, 45.39134 N – 13.73125 E, 45.38357 N – 13.80785 E.

Sečovlje Salina Nature Park near Piran.

The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park near Piran is a large wetland with an area of approximately 750 ha and consists of a southern part “Fontanigge” and a northern part called “Lera” where salt is still harvested according to a 700-year-old method. The salt extracted is obtained by filling the shallow basins with a thin layer of seawater. After evaporation, the salt is swept together and water is again let in. Many years will precede this before this is possible, because first a layer of algae must have formed on the bottom that serves as a biofilter and on which the salt remains.
The park has been designated as a protected area, partly due to the wide variety of salt-loving plants and the great diversity of birds, including egrets.



Name: Sečovlje Salina Nature Park near Piran.

Place: Sečovlje – (Piran).

Coordinates: 45.48644 N – 13.59867 E.