Hiking path to the Cave near the streams Veladraga and Crnjak

This hiking path starts near the village Baričeviće: 45.31660 N -14.15137 E. Entrance forest path: 45 .31590 N – 14.15146 E.

Cave near the  crossing of the streams Veladraga and Crnjak: 45.31363 N – 14.15347 E.

After following the path is on the top the railway from Lupoglav to Rasa with a view over the Vela Draga canyon.



Name: Cave Vela Draga  near crossing of the streams Veladraga en Crnjak.

Place: Baričevići – Učka

Ornithological reserve Palud

Palud was at first a freshwater swamp. In 1906 the Austro-Hungarian army connetecd the swamp by a 200 meters long channel  with the sea. In order to increase the salinity and thus prevent the development of mosquito larvae, the main transmitters of malaria.

This was not very successfull,  but the brackish water created an ideal environment for the mullets and eels. Palud is also the habitat for a large number of (rare) birds.

Name: Palu

Place: Rovinj

Coordinates: 45.02795 N – 13.70133 E.

Hiking path Vela Draga – Učka


Name: Hiking path Vela Draga

Place: Nature park Učka


Start – endpoint : Baričevići/crossing stream Crnjak 45.31670 N – 14.15861E.

Entrance railway tunnel from Lupoglav to Rasa  near the quarry Vranja  45.31740 N – 14.15965 E.

After outlet tunnel hiking path in the direction of the Pupićina peć (cave) 45.31546 N – 14.16652 E

Entrance to former ammunition storage buildings quarry Vranja 45.31723 N – 14.16097 E.


Park Histrica Aromatica

Park Histria Aromatica, with an area of 250,000 m2, is located on a hill in the village of Golas near Bale. The top of this hill is located about 140 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view over the sea, Brijuni islands, the cities Rovinj, Vodnjan, Bale and the Učka Mountains. On the hill fields have been laid out including lavender, rosemary, sage, marigold, immortelle, mint and olive groves, orchards wit different fruits and vineyards. There is also a 7 meter deep cave with an old fig tree in the middle.

Name: Park Histrica Aromatica

Place: Golas – (Bale)

Hiking path Palud – Puc in Nature Park Kontija

Name: Hiking path to Lake and Source Palud in Nature Park Kontija.

Place: Kloštar – (Vrsar)

Coordinates: Entrance on D75: 45.1501 N – 13.6948 E, First split left to lake: 45.14981 N – 13.66897 E, Straight on: Kamen 45.15138 N – 13.6862 E, Source (Izvor) Palud near Lake Palud: 45.149 n –  13.68418 E.

Caves/pits near Velići – Vižinada

Along, and south of the agricultural road from Velići to the church St.Vital,  are  in the nature reserve  several pit caves. A  number of these have been contaminated by (recent) waste dumping.

The pictures with visible waste are not included in this post.

Name: Caves/pits near Veliće.

Place: Veliće – Vižinada.

Coordinates: Agricultural road (unpaved): 45.31143 N – 13.76148 E (several pits). Other pits/caves: 45.31098 N – 13.76563 E, 45.31180 N  – 13.76543 E,  45.31211 N – 13764.92 E, 45.31161 N -13.76487 E