Church St. Anne – Trees.

Church St Anne is built on the place of an older church from the 5th Century and restored in 1976. The trees (oaks, hackberry, cedar, pines, cypress) around  the church are old and a botanical monument since 1973.

Name: St. Anne – Trees

Place: Červar – (Poreč).

Coordinates: 45.26891 N – 13.59377 E

Tunnel Čepić Field – Plomin Luka “Outlet”.

See for the entrance the Post: Tunnel Čepić Field to Plomin Luka of 2019-07-30.


Name: Tunnel Čepić Field – Plomin Luka “Outlet”.

Place: Plomin Luka – (Kršan).

Coordinates: 45.14117 N – 14.16315 E.

Hiking trail to pond Maran.


Name: Hiking trail pond Maran.

Place: Zambratija – (Umag).


Starting point: 45.46744 N -13.6i637 E,  t2o the left: 45.46783 N – 13.51994, right to Maran: 45.7001 N – 13.62118, Maran: 45.47026 N – 13.52403 E, End point: 45.47828 N – 13.52387.