Hiking trail to pond Maran.


Name: Hiking trail pond Maran.

Place: Zambratija – (Umag).


Starting point: 45.46744 N -13.6i637 E,  t2o the left: 45.46783 N – 13.51994, right to Maran: 45.7001 N – 13.62118, Maran: 45.47026 N – 13.52403 E, End point: 45.47828 N – 13.52387.

The Limska Gradina hillfort.

This hillfort is from the Early Iron period (1250 BC – 500 AC). The necropolis was extensively researched in the second half of the 20th century. Various graves were discovered, which with the form of vessels and pottery give a good impression over time.

Name: Limska Gradina hillfort (158m).

Place: Near Jural – (Kanfanar).

Coordinates: 45.13175 N – 13.745037 E