Watermills near Žudetići.

Near the village of Žudetići were, at the beginning of the last century, at the foot of some waterfalls, two watermills and one storage building in operation.

Today, the remains of the buildings, the millstones, the stone infrastructure of the waterways, as well as a large basin are still present for water storage.

Name: Watermills near Žudetići.

Place: Near Žudetići – (Vižinada).

Coordinates: 45.34786 N – 13.74425 E.

Šašinski stream – Loškur waterfalls near Benčići.

According to legend, the Šašinski stream is named after a gang that raided the area around St. Elizabeth near Kaldir. One day the members got an appearance, after which they vowed for an altar
to make. The “Antro degli assasini” cave.


Name: Šašinski stream – Loškur waterfalls near Benčići.

Place: Benčići – (Motovun).


Starting point: 45.32412 N – 13.84877 E.

Loškur waterfalls : 45. 32288 N – 13.84778 E.

Cave: 45.32252 N – 13.84731 E.

Hiking trail Fineda – Canyon Cingarela waterfall.

The settlement Fineda was located at an altitude of 205 meters above sea level and surrounded on 3 sides by the stream Argilla. From the top, the residents of the Eneolithic and early Bronze Age had a good view of the trade routes. On the west side is located in the canyon of the Argilla the Cingarela waterfall with a height of approximately 15 meters.

Name: Hiking trail Fineda – Canyon Cingarela waterfall.

Place: Momjan – (Buje).

Coordinates: Startingpoint 45.43714 N – 13.69046 E. Top: 45.43523 N – 13.68652 E.