Ruins St. Agnes and St. Andrew.

St. Agnes, built in the 5th century on the place of a former mausoleum, and those of the monastery and basilica of St Andrew built in the 5th century, rebuilt in the 7th and 9th centuries and abandoned in the 13th century due to a plague epidemic.



Name: Ruins St. Agnes and St. Andrew.

Place: Betiga – (Vodnjan).

Coordinates: 44.99478 N – 13.74971 E and 44.99766 N – 13.75273 E.

Roman quarries on the hill Monte del Vescovo – (Biškupovi Vrhi).

Characteristic of these quarries was that the stones with a length of up to 2 meters, a width of 1 meter and a thickness of 80 cm were extracted here with a hammer with two spikers. The groove between the stones was 20 to 30 cm. The blocks of stone were presumably used for the manufacture of sarcophagi.


Name: Roman quarries on the hill Monte del Vescovo – (Biškupovi Vrhi).

Place: Near Flengi – (Vrsar).

Coordinates: Entrances hill: 45.15270 N- 13.64983 E, 45.15017 N – 13.64948 E.

Prehistoric Hillfort Monbrodo.

Monbrodo a prehistoric hillfort near the bay Cistern south of Rovinj. This settlement originated in the Copper Age, the 2nd millennium BC and used until the Iron Age. In the current situation, the three terraces and the plateau (30 meters a.s.l.) with the wide defensive walls are easily recognizable. In addition, hidden in the dense forest are the stone walls – executed in the dry technique – of several buildings. The height of this is approximately 1 meter above ground.



Name: Prehistoric Hillfort Monbrodo.

Place: (Rovinj).

Coordinates: Entrance; 45.04111 N – 13.69584 E, Top plateau 45. 03481N – 13.69237 E.

Prehistoric settlement Kaž.

Here is established from archaeological research that stone buildings also existed in the copper age. In the current situation, the defensive wall of the upper plateau is still clearly recognizable, which consists of wide double loops of cube-shaped stones, within which a filling with stone remains. The upper plateau is located at a height of 172 meters.


Name: Prehistoric settlement Kaž.

Place: near Pižanovac – (Bale).

Coordinates: Start: 45.07540 N – 13.75885 E, entrance to gradina 45.08032 N -13.74720 E , top Kaž 45.08003 N – 13.75005 E.