Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

This settlement has been used from the middle Bronze age to the end of the Histrian period. Perhaps also hereafter  through the discovery of Roman clay fragments.

Name: Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

Place: Near Bačva – (Višnjan).

Coordinates: Starting point  45.24287 N – 13.71310 E ; top: 45.24448 N . 13.71369 E.

Prehistoric settlement “Mekinjevac” (Zavoj).


Name: Prehistoric settlement (Gradina) “Mekinjevac” (Zavoj).

Place: Mrgani – (Kanfanar).

Coordinates: Underpass A9 near Mrgani 45.12486 N – 13.78240 E.  Entrance to Gradina: 45.12333 N – 13.78669 E 198 m.

Prehistoric settlement “Parentin”.

In the Middle Ages there was a walled city on this slope of the Limska Draga. The blocks of the Gradina were probably used for this.

Name: Prehistoric settlement “Parentin”.

Place: Near Dvigrad – (Kanfanar).


Entrance hiking trail on the first hairpin bend of the road Dvigrad to Mrgani.45.12676 N – 13.90825 E. 130 m.