Gradine Vrčin (Monte Orsino) near Butkovići.

Based on ceramics found, it has been established that people lived here from the Neolithic period and this location later developed into a walled gradine. The walls have largely collapsed and are covered with soil. Earlier research in the beginning of the last century found many jewelry in stone coffins next to bones.

Name: Vrčin (Monte Orsino).

Place: Near Butkovići – (Svetvinčenat).

Coordinates: 45.00351  N – 13.90000 E.

Castle Sv. Juraj near Srbani.

This prehistoric settlement was located near the Mirna on a steep cliff with a height of 36 meters. From here they had a good overview of movements in the valley and the mouth of the Mirna and the Adria. After the Roman period, a castle and a church were built within the fortress in the Middle Ages.

Name: Castle Sv. Juraj.

Place: Near Srbani – (Brtonigla).

Coordinates: 45.33709 N – 13.63343 E.

Prehistoric settlement Sv. Dionizij near D. Srbani.

This well-defended settlement from the Bronze and Iron Ages was located on a rock with a height of approximately 120 meters above the Mirna River. At the place where now is a cemetery and the church Sv. Mihovil.

Name: Prehistoric settlement Sv. Dionizij near D. Srbani.

Place: Near D. Srbani – (Brtonigla).

Coordinates: 45.33858 N – 13.64705 E.

Prehistoric settlement Kaštelir.

This large settlement with a length of 500 m and a width of 250 meters was located to the West of Nova Vas at an altitude of approximately 95 m. Surrounded by a steep slope on three sides, with on the West side a high wall and the access. Occupation took place from the Bronze Age up to and including Roman rule of Istria.


Name: Prehistoric settlement Kaštelir.

Place: Near Nova Vas – (Brtonigla).

Coordinates: Starting point Nova Vas 45.36014 N – 13.64114 E, Entrance Kaštelir 45.36485 N – 13.65468 E.

Prehistoric settlement Kukuj near Sorgi.

Partly due to the ceramics found and the dry technique applied to the walls, it is clearly recognizable that this was a prehistoric settlement. This gradina extended over two small landscaped plateaus. The small cave outside the gradina may have served as a water reservoir.

Name: Kukuj.

Place: Near Sorgi – (Oprtalj).

Coordinates: Starting point 45.40941 N – 13.84477 E.;

Top 45.40925 N – 13.84624 E  (456 meters above s.l.).

Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

This settlement has been used from the middle Bronze age to the end of the Histrian period. Perhaps also hereafter  through the discovery of Roman clay fragments.

Name: Prehistoric settlement / gradine Petrovac.

Place: Near Bačva – (Višnjan).

Coordinates: Starting point  45.24287 N – 13.71310 E ; top: 45.24448 N . 13.71369 E.