Ruins Baselica St. Agnes – Anžići

South of the village of Anžići are the ruins of the early Christian baselica St. Agnes from the middle of the 6th century. From archaeological research has been determined in 1972 that the basilica had many similarities with the Euphrasius Baselica in Poreč by a substantially equal ground plan and the use of the same marble.

Name: Ruins Baselica St.Agnes.

Place: Anžići -(Visnjan).

Coordinates: 45.25214 N -13.77654 E.

Monbrodo hillfort near Rovinj

Monbrodo hillfort is located south of the Cisterna bay near Rovinj. The hilltop is at a height of 26 meters with a plateau of approximately 5000 m2. The hill is surrounded by dry circular and radial walls, which divided the hill into artificial terraces. Based on research carried out since 2016, this hillfort shows a lot of similarities with the Monkadonja site.

Name: Monbrodohillfort,

Place: near Rovinj.

Coordinates: 45.03476 N –  13.69247 E.

Villa Rustica near Rovinj.

Along the coastline of the Vestar and Cisterna bay fragments of Villa Rustica and remains of ceramics are still visible in various places. The Villa Rustica built in the roman period was used for the processing of olive oil and wine from the hinterland.

Name: Villa Rustica

Place: near Rovinj.

Coordinates: 45.04783 N – 13.68311 E and 45.03554 N – 13.69022 E.

Necropolis Kaštel from Iron Age.

On the West side of the hill near Kaštel, within a walled terrace, has been discovered 24 graves from the Iron Age (5th and early 4th century BC). In the graves and crevasses the urns with ash and other objects of exceptional archaeological value.  They found earrings, rings, pins, bracelets and buckles. The graves were protected by stone plates.

Name: Necropolis Kaštel

Place: Kaštel – (Buje).

Coordinates: 45.45068 N – 13.65187 E.

The Limska Gradina hillfort.

This hillfort is from the Early Iron period (1250 BC – 500 AC). The necropolis was extensively researched in the second half of the 20th century. Various graves were discovered, which with the form of vessels and pottery give a good impression over time.

Name: Limska Gradina hillfort (158m).

Place: Near Jural – (Kanfanar).

Coordinates: 45.13175 N – 13.745037 E