Archaeological research Umag near Trgovačka Ulica

During the renovation of the square in the Center of Umag at the end of 2018, remains of city walls were found. These belonged to the second ring of the city walls from the 14th century.

Name: Archaeological research Umag.

Place: Near Trgovačka Ulica.

Coordinates: 45.43322 N – 13-52215 E. (more…)

Hiking path (201) Parentino / Quarry near Dvigrad

Name: Hiking path (201) Parentino / Quarry  near Dvigrad.

Place: Dvigrad – (Kanfanar).

Coordinates: Starting point (201) near church St. Anton: 45.26031 N – 13.81327 E. End one direction to road 45.12280 N – 13.81822 E. The other to the quarry:  45.12127 N -13.81140 E.