Village Salež – Pillar of shame.

Near the cemetery is a pillar of shame made by an unknown sculptor in 1769, with a text about justice in Italian. Convicts were put on display here, chained to this statue.



Name:  Village Salež – Pillar of shame.

Place: Salež – (Buzet).

Coordinates: 45.43006 N – 13.91699 E.

Tumulus Montelogo.

The Montelongo hill in Rovinj had a tumulus in the Bronze Age for the burial of the inhabitants of the neighboring hillfort Mompaderno. Now on the plateau (64 m) there is a large water reservoir and antenna masts.


Name: Tumulus Montelogo.

Place: Rovinj.

Coordinates:  Entrance: 45.11011 N – 13.62925 E. Plateau; 45.11050 N – 13.62625 E

Prehistoric hillfort Mompaderno.

This gradine from the Copper Age at a height of 62 meters had an oval plateau of approximately 120 X 90 meters and partly surrounded by 3 meters wide defensive walls. The access road and walled terraces are still clearly recognizable.


Name:  Prehistoric hillfort Mompaderno.

Place: Rovinj.

Coordinates: Entrance: 45.11053 N – 13.63567 E, Top: 45.10905 N -13.63166 E.

Church of St. Christopher and the Little church of immaculate Conception (1507).

The first is one nave church from the Roman period.


Name: Church of St. Christopher and the Little church of immaculate Conception (1507).

Place: Rovinj.

Coordinates: St. Christopher  45.11217 N – 13.64153 E, Little church of the immaculate conception

45.09043 N – 13.64572 E.




Prehistoric Hillfort Monbrodo.

Monbrodo a prehistoric hillfort near the bay Cistern south of Rovinj. This settlement originated in the Copper Age, the 2nd millennium BC and used until the Iron Age. In the current situation, the three terraces and the plateau (30 meters a.s.l.) with the wide defensive walls are easily recognizable. In addition, hidden in the dense forest are the stone walls – executed in the dry technique – of several buildings. The height of this is approximately 1 meter above ground.



Name: Prehistoric Hillfort Monbrodo.

Place: (Rovinj).

Coordinates: Entrance; 45.04111 N – 13.69584 E, Top plateau 45. 03481N – 13.69237 E.