Trail Upper Kamenjak (Monte Kope) near Prementura.

This part of the peninsula is located over a length of 3.5 km between the villages of Prementura and Volme and is bordered on the north side by the bay of Medulin.This nature protected area has many special features such as a prehistoric settlement – a Gradina – from the Bronze Age, and a cave that was inhabited not only in the Bronze Age but also in the Middle Ages. Military facilities such as pillboxes and an artillery battery near Gomila hill. This as part of the Austo-Hungarian defense system in the early 19th century to defend the marina port of Pula. The presence of limestone rocks with bivalve molluscs (rudists). There is also a path over Upper Kamenjak with Stations of the Cross built in 2013.

Name: Upper Kamenjak – Monte Kope.

Place: Prementura – (Medulin).

Coordinates: Start 44.8o676 N – 13.90818 E  to 44.81419 N – 13.87769 E.

Hiking trail from the old town Labin to the church St. Florentius.

The church of  St. Mary Magdalena was built in the 15th century. The St. Florentius was built in the 6th century and dedicated to the bishop of  Novigrad.

Name: Hiking trail from Old town Labin to the Chrurch Florentius.

Place: Near Krancji – (Labin).

Coordinates: Start 45.08443 N – 14.11990 E, Florentius: 45. 06382 N – 14.11537 E.



Prehistoric settlement Sv. Martin – Lim.

In the Bronze Age there was a gradine here at a height of 230 meters. During the Roman period, a military base was established on the plateau. The current situation is characterized by the church of Sv. Martin, a transmission tower and radar installation.
The boundaries of the plateau, terraces and the access road are still recognizable.

Name: Prehistoric settlement Sv. Martin – Lim.

Place: Near Bubani – Kanfanar.

Coordinates: 45.12461 N – 13.74048 E.