Novačka Cave.

Hallo family from Dane with your beautiful children, Finally I found the cave. I wish you the same adventure, and of course a good renovation of your house!. Good luck! ( After a couple of days I remove this message)  Jan.


Name: Novački cave (Poli Prosedi).

Place: Near Dane – (Lanišće).

Coordinates: Start 45.7009 N – 14.03623 E, trail left 45.47528 N – 14.02893 E, follow this trail to 45.48209 N – 14.00945 E and then down to the cave 45.48212. N – 14.01353 E.

Radota cave near Brest.


Name: Radota cave on the Croatia / Slovenia border near Brest.

Place: Near Brest – (Lanišće).

Coordinates: Start trail 45.44933 N- 13.99546 E, Radota Jama 45.45611 N – 13.98475 E.

Cave Piskovica.

This unique cave with a length of 1036 meters has been shaped by the erosion of flysch (sedimented layers) between two layers of limestone. This created a horizontal tunnel with a horizontal floor and a very tight ceiling.



Name:Cave Piskovica.

Place: Gologorica – (Cerovlje).

Coordinates: 45.26200 N -14.03684 E 310 meter a.s.l.

Watermills Blaza Bay.

The Blaza Bay is located on the western coast of the Rasa estuary in the municipality of Marčana.
For many centuries there were watermills on Blaza Bay, because the adjacent geological and geomorpholic area is characterized by superficial and underground water flows. This in combination with the economic activities of the time.
Name: Watermills Blaza Bay.
Place: Near Rebići – (Marčana)
Coordinates: 45.00031 N -14.03767 E