Hiking trail from Poklon pass to the highest top of Učka the Vojak.

On the road over the Učka from Istria there is a public water supply on the left with an age of more than 200 years. Probably built during the Habsburg Monarchy when the road over the Učka was built in an area that was more intensively occupied for livestock and agricultural activities. The fountain was then a resting and drinking place. This fountain is connected to a natural water source from the immediate vicinity. The water is popularly called “Napoleon’s water”.

On the fountain the name of Emperor Joseph II of Austria is engraved, which ruled from 1780 -1790.

On the top of the Vojak is an outlook of stone with views on the Kvarner Bay, towns, islands and surrounding mountains.


name: Hiking trail from Poklon pass to the top of Vojak

place: Nature park Učka

height: Vojak: 1400 meters

coordinates: Poklon pass 45.30813 N – 14.21575 E ; Top Vojak 45.28497 N – 14.20201 E.


Hiking path Grdoselo (cemetery) to Stari Grad / Crni Puć (Grdoselski river) to the splits to Pecina and Veli and Mali Slap (large and small waterfall).



Name: Hiking path Grdoselski river

Place: Grdoselo – (Pazin)


Grdoselo: 45.28310 N – 13.94351 E

Stari Grad: 45. 29169 N – 13.94392 E

Cerni Puč: 45.29200 N – 13.94636 E

Splits: 45.29216 N – 13.95301 E


Cingarela cave /waterfall – “Gypsy”

In 1953 remains were found from prehistoric times, and it became clear that the cave was inhabited in the Neolithic, Eneolithic  and Bronze Age (11.000 BC -600 BC).



Name: Cingarela waterfalls and caves

Place:  Momjan – (Buje)

Coordinates entrance path left side of river Ardila: 45.43585 N – 13.67597 E , Caves and Waterfall. 45.43566 N – 13.68462 E.