Šašinski stream – Loškur waterfalls near Benčići.

According to legend, the Šašinski stream is named after a gang that raided the area around St. Elizabeth near Kaldir. One day the members got an appearance, after which they vowed for an altar
to make. The “Antro degli assasini” cave.


Name: Šašinski stream – Loškur waterfalls near Benčići.

Place: Benčići – (Motovun).


Starting point: 45.32412 N – 13.84877 E.

Loškur waterfalls : 45. 32288 N – 13.84778 E.

Cave: 45.32252 N – 13.84731 E.

Prehistoric settlement Kukuj near Sorgi.

Partly due to the ceramics found and the dry technique applied to the walls, it is clearly recognizable that this was a prehistoric settlement. This gradina extended over two small landscaped plateaus. The small cave outside the gradina may have served as a water reservoir.

Name: Kukuj.

Place: Near Sorgi – (Oprtalj).

Coordinates: Starting point 45.40941 N – 13.84477 E.;

Top 45.40925 N – 13.84624 E  (456 meters above s.l.).