Račice – “Walderstein Palace”

This village is located between Draguč and Buzet.

At the entrance of this village is a church named Church of Our Lady built in 1750. Another church before the Palace is the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, that was  restructured in 1700.

The palace is built in the 18th century on the place of a the Račice castle from the 14th century. The cemetery church is the Church of St. Stephan from 1580 and has a tomb of the last Count of Račice, Pietro Walderstein.

Name: “Walderstein palace

Place: Račice – (Buzet)

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  1. Joan Dawson says: Reply

    My maiden name is Bolterstein (Walderstein) and I was happy to see the history of this palace. It touches me to know my ancestors are from there.

    1. Dear Joan,

      Nice to read that you are a descendant of the Walderstein family.

      The last time (April 18, 2018) that I was in Račice showed that the palace is now being renovated. Not a new photo yet. However, on my site are still under the category: “Cities and Villages” a post named Church Holy Trinity. This is situated opposite the palace. Also from the same date another post with the pictures of the cemetery church of Račice St. Stephan. On the cemetery the grave of the count Pietro Walderstein which lived from 24-05-1838 till 10-02-1909. The original photo has been added.

      Jan Sonnemans, Varvari, Istria

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