Račice – “Walderstein Palace”

This village is located between Draguč and Buzet.

At the entrance of this village is a church named Church of Our Lady built in 1750. Another church before the Palace is the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, that was  restructured in 1700.

The palace is built in the 18th century on the place of a the Račice castle from the 14th century. The cemetery church is the Church of St. Stephan from 1580 and has a tomb of the last Count of Račice, Pietro Walderstein.

Name: “Walderstein palace

Place: Račice – (Buzet)

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  1. Joan Dawson says: Reply

    My maiden name is Bolterstein (Walderstein) and I was happy to see the history of this palace. It touches me to know my ancestors are from there.

    1. Dear Joan,

      Nice to read that you are a descendant of the Walderstein family.

      The last time (April 18, 2018) that I was in Račice showed that the palace is now being renovated. Not a new photo yet. However, on my site are still under the category: “Cities and Villages” a post named Church Holy Trinity. This is situated opposite the palace. Also from the same date another post with the pictures of the cemetery church of Račice St. Stephan. On the cemetery the grave of the count Pietro Walderstein which lived from 24-05-1838 till 10-02-1909. The original photo has been added.

      Jan Sonnemans, Varvari, Istria

      1. John Popazzi says: Reply

        Hi Joan I have found you by accident my mothers maiden name was Bolterstein.

    2. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Hello Joan. I wrote you an email but have yet to see a reply. I thought to check this web page but I see that you might not be looking at either. I hope you come back into the loop, since your family name, Bolterstein, was mentioned in talking with my mother recently. A Franz or Francis Bolterstein, a husband of her father’s sister. Hope to hear from you.

  2. @Joan: Hi, my grandma’s maiden name is Bolterstein as well, and her family lived around Račice when she was a little girl. According to her recall and some historic data we have so far, she is the 3rd or 4th generation of Boltersteins – her late great grandfather or great great grandfather were still Waldersteins. We’re still collecting more information about the family, their branches, history (from present to as early as possible), origins, and the transition from de/von Walderstein to Bolterstein.

    1. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Hello Mirta. I just replied to Brandon, with some pieces of the historical family puzzle, regarding this famed former castle. Franz Bolterstein was married to my grandfather’s sister, Udita, or Judita. I didn’t ask for the correct spelling when I was talking with my mother today. She might have been your grandmother’s brother perhaps. My mother remembers some details, and she still very lucid at 85, but lives in Italy now. Her maiden name is Medica, her father was Eugenio Medica, one of the seven that recovered the palace after the war, to keep it in the family. Why did they have to buy it back? Who was forcing the Walderstein’s to buy it back? I hope to hear back from you. If not, I will send you an email to notify you that I am writing about this part of our family history. Have a good day.

  3. My Nonno grew up here with his grandfather as a child, our original surname is DeWalderstein and we have our family crest to prove it. Unfortunately during WWII, Mussolini confiscated this palace from my family due to its tactical importance. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get it back, unless we buy it back. It comforted me to visit this place, knowing my Nonno used to climb down the front balcony on a rope to go see his friends at night, and to see our crest (which is on my ring) carved into the stone above the entrance. What a place.

    1. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Hello Brandon. I am just continuing my discussions with the family history on this topic also. I thought I would add some pieces. It seems that, from my earlier reply, indeed, my grandfather took part in recovering the lost palace, along with six other members to buy it back for the family. My grandfather’s sister, Judita, if I am spelling her name correctly, was married to Franz Bolterstein, and became a part of the family that is associated with that palace, formerly a castle in the 1400’s as the website content shows. Does the name Franz Bolterstein ring a bell for you? Today my mother mentioned that in actuality, an American bought the palace. I don’t know what the story was with the Historical Society’s involvement really but that is another missing piece of the puzzle. One of my uncles did receive a large package regarding that palace many years ago, in Croatia, where they still live. What was your nonno’s name? It seems that the names are pronounced or spelled differently since there are Croatian, Italian and English speaking descendants involved. I hope to hear back from you or Jan, who’s page this is.

  4. Graciela chiavassa says: Reply

    Mí nonna Ana sincich nació en ese castillo es descendiente de von walsdertain casada con un jose gregorovic.Estuve en 2019 en racicé y frente al castel ( en reparación)todos sus habitantes son sincich.Necesitaria más datos.para armar el árbol genealógico.Hay barón y baronesa de Benedectis tmbn en ese árbol.

    1. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Ola Graciela. Non so parlare o scrivere in spagnolo. Do you live in Spain? I have been added to the story and wanted to notify you for your interest. I replied to others that left a comment. Have a good day.

    2. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Hello Graciela. I was able to translate your message to english using Hotmail, thank goodness. I was in Italy visiting my mother in 2019. She lives in Milan. She has a cousin that lives in Argentina, but I will have to ask her her or his name, and will let you know. Sometimes we circulate amongst others that we don’t know or are not aware of being relatives or related to us. I will ask my mother about Ana Sincic and Sergio Sincic. My uncle Luciano, and my mother and her sister all restored a house very close to Racice, that was in our family, on the Medica side. There might be an historical society that could fill in more details regarding the whole history. I did not hear about a bridge or cliff. That is also something I can ask and share with my mother. Did I tell you that she is 85 and in very good health. She might have known of Ana or perhaps knows of Sergio. Ferucio Medica, my mother’s other brother received a stack of documents from the town or historical society when it was discovered that it was bought back by some family members and others, to keep it in the family. We were told that ownership was forfeited because of so many years having passed. I am not sure who is renovating it but it would be quite a task to restore it. The last time I saw, it was practically condemned. You could not really enter for risk of falling debris. I will add this to the comments page, so that we can all see and keep eachother in the loop. You seem to have a deep emotional connection to the place and people. You should visit again. I plan to visit my mother in May, and might be visiting the area also. Regardless, it is something that seems to call to us. Perhaps just to put some parts of the past back together to gain some family collective peace. The war was very harmful and did deep-rooted damage.

  5. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

    My grandfather, surname Medica, apparently, together with a few others, had some ownership over the palace and would often visit the family that lived there with my mother when she was a little girl. This would have been shortly after WW2. We were told that a historical society was later involved, possibly in the 1990s. There were apparently a total of seven owners that were related or involved together. My grandfather’s name was Eugenio Medica. Does anyone have a similar story or connects with this story? We were told that it was going to be restored also, when the historical society got involved. My mother told me how grand it was, and especially the gardens. How she would be lead into the palace and was often given biscuits or cookies when her father stopped by to socialize with the family. It is all very interesting and I personally felt compelled to check into the background history, since it was built on an earlier castle ground. My grandfather was from a noble family.

  6. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

    What happened to the Walderstein family after WW2? Did they have to leave the country? My grandfather and his mother went to Auschwitz, but fortunately survived. Why can’t I see your email addressed to get in touch with all of you? I leave mine but it also is not a part of the details with the comments.

    1. Brandon Fraser says: Reply

      The De Walderstein name was changed after WWII to variants of Vercion / Vercon, which are now living in Trieste, Italy, and Melbourne, Australia. This home was in possession of my family from the 1600’s through to approximately 1940, when Mussolini confiscated the palace. My Nonno, now named Sergio Vercion, lived here as a child in the 1930’s with his grandfather Carlo De Walderstien, who’s father, Pietro, is buried in Racice. I will discuss further with my Nonno when our Covid lockdown ends, and I’ll update with further information regarding any affiliation with the Bolterstein name. I myself have lost the Vercion name, as my mother married.

      1. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

        Hello Brandon. This is all very interesting and it seems to continue to unfold. Perhaps we will find out some other parts to the story that will put all our minds at ease, since, I too, felt as though there was an injustice, apart from all the horror of the second world war. I am also interested in what Graciella has been saying. There seems to be a deep emotional connection with that part of the family for her. I have no interest in claiming or reclaiming or thoughts of material riches or anything that most of us lost very much of, during the second world war when the Nazi’s wreaked such destruction on all, to put it mildly. They certainly took from my great-grandmother, who was a doctor. Not an easy profession for a woman at that time. She lost all her savings in gold pieces. And as I mentioned previously, was sent to Auschwitz with her son, my grandfather. My mother has a cousin that is living in Trieste also. I wonder if she knows of those family members that you are more aware of, that live there? I would say that she is probably in her 80’s also. I can’t remember her name at the moment but will find out when I speak with my mother tomorrow.

      2. John Popazzi says: Reply

        Hi Brandon my family is related to Walderstein. My mothers maiden name was Boltrerstein. I have a recorded history the castel was conferred it by Emperor Maximillion to Gaspare Walterstein husban of Barbara Wisendorfer. I live in Australia but born in Trieste Italy maybe we can connect. If you are interested just email me.
        Kind Regards
        John Popazzi ( Gianfranco Popazzi )

  7. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

    I just thought of something. My mother mentioned that the last Count was buried there. Could it be that his body and his gravesite have been ruined or not given the respect that he deserved? Perhaps that is part of the mystery of being called to find out more about the place. Perhaps his spirit is not in peace or still walks the grounds? Does anyone know of him?

  8. Donald C Bolterstein says: Reply

    Does this mean we were Royalty at one time ?

    1. Alessandra Barone says: Reply

      Hello Donald. I just saw that you added a new comment. Perhaps you can talk with your family members that might have more knowledge of this. From what I read, the Walderstein’s were Counts and Countesses, not sure if the Bolterstein’s were a part of a royal family. It would be good to do some more research into this perhaps? I look forward to reading what you might find out.

  9. John Popazzi says: Reply

    I am also a descendants of Walderstein of Racize. I have also the MEMORIE
    Sacre, E Profane Dele Istria. Showing the story how Emperor Maximillian empowers the castle to Caspare Boltrestain ( Walderstain ) on the 28th of December 1494.

  10. John Popazzi says: Reply

    Sorry Bolterstein

  11. Nicoletta Valdisteno says: Reply

    Hi, myame is Nicoletta and I am a direct desceendant of Pietro Von Walderstein. My family was forced to change its name in Valdisteno during Fascism and lost their title. We have been living in Trieste, Italy. I once visited the Castle of Racize and recognized our coat of arms above the portal. My father had a ring with the same symbol. I would love to know more about the other branches of the family. For example, I know there is a part of the family which is called De Walderstein (also living in Trieste), but I never knew there was another called Bolterstein. My e-mail is Nicoletta.valdisteno@gmail.com, whoever is interesting in exchanging information, please drop me a line!

  12. Alen Bolterstein says: Reply

    Kaŝtel Račice je bio pod bankovnim dugom tj.dio kaŝtela negdje 1933 i taj dio je bankar uzeo ko dug ali je doŝao rat i poslije je bilo sve nacionalizirano…Kad je moj nono doŝao iz rata u kući u Kruŝvarima gdje je rođen (od oca Silvestra) već je bio drugi kojeg je morao istjerstat van…Cijeli dio imanja(koji je bio njegov) je morao 50 i neke kupit na kredit
    natrag od države.. Imao je 9 tero braće i sestara
    Od kojih je znao samo za sestru u Portorožu, Matuljima, u Brazilu i da mu je jedan brat umro mali sve druge nije upoznao nikad jer kad je on rođen 1921 već su svi bili otiŝli po svijetu…Inače kaŝtel je bio naŝ kao i kaŝtel u Paz u a familija je imala rod negdje u južnoj njemačkoj područje uz rajnu… Pisani trag pistoji od negdje 1360 godine..
    Evo da vam kažem da sam prvi put u Račicsma bio u 3 mj 2024 i ako imam svoju zemlju dole koja je blizu..Kaŝtel je obnovljen grob je nagnut i nije u dobrom stanju… Kaŝtel je općina prodala negdje 1990 tih za cca 350 -400 000 maraka…bio je u loŝijem stanju…
    Inače od nonota djed je bio brat grofu u račicama…
    Pozdrav svima Boltersteinima
    Alen Bolterstein…

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