Priceljak, prehistorisch settlement on the Učka.

Located on Poklon Street across the Učka, this Gradina was believed to be an important trading place between the Histrians, Liburnen and the Japoden in the first thousand years BC, and consisted of a large plateau and lower terrace separated by a high and heavy stone walls.


Name: Track to Priceljak, prehistorisch settlement on the Učka

Place: Vrnaja – (Lupoglav).

Coordinates track: Franz Josef II 45.30617 N – 14.19522 E, Start  point along a stream 45. 30724 N – 14.19312 E to Priceljak 45.31153 N – 14.18672 E, Priceljak 45.3126 n -14.1872 E , Back over the road.

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