Mirna Valley near Castle Sv. Juraj.

The Mirna River has been navigable since ancient history and the adjacent area with canals and the valley near Nova Vas, among others, was of great importance for transporting water from local products and wood by sea. Due to the deposition of clay and soil over the centuries and after the departure of the Venetian republic in 1797, the river became more inaccessible due to lack of maintenance and swamps were created in the valleys. These were cleaned up in the first half of the twentieth century. In the current situation there is a high natural value in the delta and the valleys.

Name: Mirna Valley near Castle Sv. Juraj.

Place: Brtonigla.


Starting point hiking trail: 45.33722 N -13.63405 E, Soline 45.34191 N – 13.63394 E , End 45.33875 N -1362568 E.

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