Bale – Valle

Bale is situated on a hilltop named Mon Perin. In the beginning it was a prehistoric settlement and later on a Roman settlement, Castrum Valles and connected to the Roman Consular road Via Flavia.

The village was in the beginning surrounded in the 7th century by stone walls which are 8 to 10 meters high.

Bale is special known by the  Bembo – Soardo castle, with a residental part built by the family Soardo  in the 15th century, between the two towers of the 7th century. In the castle lived the family Bembo  from Venice, after a marriage with a son of  the Soardo family, since the 17th century.

Inside the wall is a main circular street  on which is situated the Baroque Parish Church  of Virgin Mary Visits on the place of four older churches. In the church is a wooden Romanesque wooden crucifix.

Opposite the castle is the Municipal palace  with a loggia from the 14th century.

The other churches in Bale are: the Church of St. Helen in the northern part from the 18th century, the medieval church with bell tower of St. Elias from the early middle ages, the cemetery Church of St. Anthony the Abot from the 15th century and the Church of the Holy Spirit from the 15th century with frescoes.

A few churches in the vicinity are St. Maro from the 7th century, St. Michael’s church erected on the remnants of a monastery, and St. Peter on the Top  from the 14th century initiated by the Bishop of Poreč.

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Date: 23-02-107

Name: Church St. Peter on the Top

Name: St. Michael’s Church

Name: Lapidary Parish Church St. Mary Visits

Place: Bale


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