Glagolitic Alley

Between 1977 and 1983 the Croation sculptor Zelimir Janes constructed on the road between Roč and Hum 11 symbolic stone markers.  These sculptures symbolically mark the persons and events connected with the roots and the preservation of the Slavic literacy.

The sculptures represent: the Column of the Cakavian Assembly, the table of Cyril and Methodius, the Chair of St. Clement from Ohrid, the Glagolitic Lapidarium, the George of the Croation Lucidar, the Belvedere of Grgur from Nin, the Acent of the Land Boundaries, the Wall of Istrian Protestants and Heretics, the Resting Place of Juraj Zakan, the Monument to Resistance and Freedom, and the Hum City gate embellished with twelve medaillons symbolically displaying the months of the year.


Place: Road between Roč and Hum

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