Hiking trail Vela Draga to Crna Peć, Pupićina Peć and a cave near the railway.

Crna Peć

For information about the trail  and pictures see the post named: “Hiking path to the Black cave near the streams Veladraga and Crnjak “. Posted 2018-10-05.

Pupićina peć

This cave is located in the canyon near the ruins of Stara Vranja (post “Castrum Vrane” posted: 2018-08-10) at a height of 200 m above sea level and it has a depth of about 30 meters.  From 1991 to 1995 archaeological research took place here and in several caves in the area to determine prehistoric ecology in the northeast of Istria. During the excavations to a depth of 3.5 meters the sediments were uncovered, in which remains from the Late Upper Paleolithic (last Ice Age)  until the Bronze Age (10500 – 3300 BC). In the layers are the artifacts found of tools, flints, fireplaces, bones of roe deer,wild boar, ibex, wild cattle, badger, hare, snails, shells and ceramic fragments. The research has shown that this cave has been visited by people over longer periods of time, if the climate conditions this allowed.                     Pictures: 58 to 68.

Vele Peć

The Vela peć (Big cave) is opposite the Pupićina peć. In the cave had place  archaeological investigations. Special is the present of badger setts.                   Pictures: 72 to 76; 78-87.

The last cave in this canyon is not far away from the railway over the Vela Draga. Pictures 41 to 47.


Name: Pupićina peć – Crna peć

Place: Vela Draga – Učka


Starting point hiking trail: 45.31590 N – 14.15146 E. near the village Baričevići and the church St. Peter.

Crossing point stream Crnjak 45.31363 N – 14.15334 E.

Follow the opposite  path to 45.31343 – 14.15465 E , and the stream Vela Draga to point 45.31292 N – 14.15715 E.

Pupićina pec: 45.31344 N – 14.15676 E

Vela peć: 45.31269 N – 14.15691

Cave near railway: 45.31552 N -14.16391 E

Hiking path to the Cave near the streams Veladraga and Crnjak (Black cave).

This hiking path starts near the village Baričeviće: 45.31660 N -14.15137 E. Entrance forest path: 45 .31590 N – 14.15146 E.

Cave near the  crossing of the streams Veladraga and Crnjak: 45.31363 N – 14.15347 E.

After following the path is on the top the railway from Lupoglav to Rasa with a view over the Vela Draga canyon.



Name: Cave Vela Draga  near crossing of the streams Veladraga en Crnjak.

Place: Baričevići – Učka

Park Histrica Aromatica

Park Histria Aromatica, with an area of 250,000 m2, is located on a hill in the village of Golas near Bale. The top of this hill is located about 140 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view over the sea, Brijuni islands, the cities Rovinj, Vodnjan, Bale and the Učka Mountains. On the hill fields have been laid out including lavender, rosemary, sage, marigold, immortelle, mint and olive groves, orchards wit different fruits and vineyards. There is also a 7 meter deep cave with an old fig tree in the middle.

Name: Park Histrica Aromatica

Place: Golas – (Bale)