Skitača – Rasa

The Parish church of Skitača is built in the 17th century (1616) and restructured at 1924. Next to the church is a former parish house and school. Here is now the hiking association “Skitača”.

In the direct neighbourhood is under the hill top Brdo Sv. Lucy’s well, the Saint patroness of Skitača. The well is a natural hollow in the limestone and almost filled with water.

One legend associated with St. Lucy is the following: “St. Lucy wandered around the world until she reached a rock at the end of Skatča village. At she was tired she sat on the rock and fell asleep.When she woke up the next morning she noticed a fresh well near-by where she washed her face. Since then there is always some water in the well”.

Nowadays people visit this place because they believe that the water cures eye and sight diseases.

On the hill top is an archaeological site from the Bronze Age.


Date: 2017-06-09

Place: Skitača – (Rasa)

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