Sumber -“Schomberg’s castle”

Sumber is situated near the Rasa and dated back to the 14th century. Opposite of the castle is the Church of St. John and Paul, built in 1679. The other churches are near the village cemetery , the Church of Our Lady from 1140 and the Church of St Quirinus from the 15th century.

The Noble family Schomberg, vassal’s  of the Count of Gorizia, received this property before 1367 from the Aquileia Patriarchs.

Sumber was also involved  in the Uskoci war, between Venice and Austria, at the beginning of the 17th century. In that century the owner of the castle was Brigido from Trieste, who was also the Lord of Lupoglav. That family continued to own the property till 1848, the end of feodalism. Later on Sumber became a part of Kršan’s  Municipality.

date: 2015-02-26

Name: Schomberg’s castle

Place: Sumber – Sv. Nedelja

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