Walking path Červar-Porat along the Lunga and the Santa Marina bay.

With on the coast the remains of roman villa rustica and large complexes for the production of ceramics (amphorae), wine and olive oil.

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Name: Walking path Červar-Porat along the Lunga and the Santa Marina bay.

Place: Červar-Porat – (Poreč).

Coordinates:  from 45.27455 N – 13.60369 E to 45.28620 N – 13.60527 E.

Villa Rustica near Krvaviči.

In 2005 archaeologists discovered a Villa Rustica on site of a gas pipeline to be constructed. The built-up area was approximately 400 m2 and U-shaped, with a courtyard inside.
Archaeological research and findings have shown that not only food was produced here for own use, but also wine and olive oil for the market.


Name: Villa Rustica near Krvaviči.

Place: Krvavici – (Marčana).

Coordinates: 44.97622 N – 13.92178 E.

Villa Rustica Loran.

Archaelogical research has been carried out at this location, located at the Lunga bay, since 1994. It has been established that over a length of 140 meters and a width of 90 meters inland in the first to the 4th century AD, mainly the production of ceramic oil amphora took place. This was done in 2 batteries with 2 ovens each. A large water basin of 150 m3 was available for the manufacture of the amphorae. In addition to the larger ovens, smaller ovens have also been established here for the production of crockery and other ceramic utensils.


Name: Villa Rustica Loran.

Place: Červar Porat- (Poreč).

Coordinates: 45.27825 N – 13.59937 E.

Monte Ricco – Quarry.

Name: Monte Rricco -Quarry.

Place: Stancija Velika – (Vrsar).


27105: 45.15706 N – 13.62544 E. 71 m.

27107: 45.15701 N – 13.62604 E. 73 m.

2711o: 45.15681 N – 13.62689 E. 79 m.

27124: 45.15647 N – 13.62531 E. 61 m.