Gradina cave near Prementura

This cave goes down at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees and is approximately 100 meters long, an has a shaft up to 6 meters high.
Many prehistoric and historical remains were found during archaeological research in 1999. At that time is also discovered that the cave was used as a shelter from the second half of the first century to the end of the third century. Who these people were is not known.

Name: Gradina cave.

Place: Near Prementura – (Medulin).

Coordinates: 44.81028 N – 13.90739 E.

Scaraba Cape, Golden Cape – Forest Park – Zlatni Rt.

This park along the coast  of Rovinj with an area of 52.4 hectares is protected since 1948. It has alternates parts of natural forest and cultivated exotics.


Name: Scaraba Cape, Golden Cape – Forest Park – Zlatni Rt.

Place: Rovinj.

Coordinates: Trail from 45.06624 N -13.65263 E to 45.068880 N – 13.63423  E.