Mofardin, In this area near the bay Bačvice south of Rovinj, walls and stone formations were found by chance, which closely resemble the walls of a hillfort. Clues not found in the literature so far.

Name: Mofardin.

Place: (Rovinj).

Coordinates: 45.04087 N -13.69577 E.

Prehistoric settlement Veli Golaš.

The Gradina Veli Golaš is 231 meters high and was founded in the Copper Age. From the top beautiful views in Istria, including to Pula and Učka.



Name: Prehistoric settlement Veli Golaš.

Place: Golas – (Bale).

Coordinates: 45.08314 N – 13.77345 E.

Prehistoric settlement Kaž.

Here is established from archaeological research that stone buildings also existed in the copper age. In the current situation, the defensive wall of the upper plateau is still clearly recognizable, which consists of wide double loops of cube-shaped stones, within which a filling with stone remains. The upper plateau is located at a height of 172 meters.


Name: Prehistoric settlement Kaž.

Place: near Pižanovac – (Bale).

Coordinates: Start: 45.07540 N – 13.75885 E, entrance to gradina 45.08032 N -13.74720 E , top Kaž 45.08003 N – 13.75005 E.

Prehistoric settlement Montižansko brdo.

This  settlement from the Bronze Age with three terraces
were walled. Of these, only large stone blocks are present. On the edge of the upper plateau at a height of approximately 152 meters is a cave. This may have served as a water reservoir or place of sacrifice.


Name: Prehistoric settlement Montižansko brdo.

Place: Near Montižana – (Poreč).

Coordinartes: Start 45.18283 N – 13.68426 E, Top 45.18214 N- 13.68154 E.

Hiking trail from the village Bačvari through the “Jadrankin put” to the Kožljak castle.

The castle is built on a steep cliff on a southern slope of the Učka Mountains. From written sources it appears that the castle already existed in 1102 and was then called Losilach or Giosilach and later Wachsenstein. Inhabited by Counts of Gorizia, Venetians, the Patriarch of Aquiliea and by Austria. The name of the Romanesque church is St. Hadrianus.



                                                                                                                                                                                             Name: Hiking trail from the village Bačvari through the “Jadrankin put” to the Kožljak castle.

Place: Kožljak – (Kršan).

Coordinates:  Bačvari 45.18767 N -14.18471 E, Kožljak castle 45.19469 N – 14.19221  E.

Hiking trail M814 to Orljak (1105meters).

This trail starts in the village Lanišće in Cicarija. This area is known for its flora such as the yellow gentian, wild orchids, fauna and prehistoric history. The Church of St. Kancija in Lanišće was built in 1937 on the site of an earlier church from 1609, whose bell tower has been preserved. From Lanišće (540 meters a.s.l.) there is a path through the forest area to the Veprinac cesta at an altitude of 845 meters. with a viewpoint and a chapel of the blessed priest Miroslav Bulešić, who was murdered on August 24, 1947 by the communists in the aforementioned church. Near this chapel a steep path continues to Orljak.


Name: Hiking trail M814 to Orljak (1105meters).

Place: Lanišće

Coordinates: Start Lanišće 45.40769 N – 14.11535 E, Veprinaćka-cesta 45.41306 N – 14.12231 E, Chapel of Miroslav Bulešić, Orljak:45.41948 N – 14. 12675 E.

Red Island (St. Andrew and Maškin).

Red island consists of two islands, St. Andrew and Maškin, connected by a dam.
The first inhabitants were the Benedictine monks in the 6th century, who stayed here until the 13th century. Then in the 14th century the Franciscans who renovated the church and the monastery. They stayed here until the arrival of the French in 1809. The island was bought in 1891 by the Count George von Huetterrot who converted the monastery into a summer residence and built a mausoleum. He also planted the island with many kinds of plants and trees. The island is now a tourist destination with a hotel.


Name: Red Island (St. andrew and Maškin).

Place: Rovinj

Coordinates: Boat start: 45.08113 N – 13.63462 E, St. Andrew: 45. 05989 N – 13.62380 E, Maškin;

45. 05570 N – 13. 13.62509 E.