Dinosaur tracksite Kirmenjak quarry.

These dinosaur tracks were found in 2007, about 1 km south of earlier finds in 2003, and were formed in the Jurassic period during the late Tithonian (145 – 152.1 mya). Research of the 15 footprints present here has shown that these belong to the Sauropod dinosaur with a length of 16 meters and a walking speed of 2 km / hour.


Name: Dinosaur tracksite Kirmenjak quarry.

Place: Near Begi – (Poreć).

Coordinates: 45.17159 N – 13.6821

Elevation: 119 meter.

Monbrodo hillfort near Rovinj

Monbrodo hillfort is located south of the Cisterna bay near Rovinj. The hilltop is at a height of 26 meters with a plateau of approximately 5000 m2. The hill is surrounded by dry circular and radial walls, which divided the hill into artificial terraces. Based on research carried out since 2016, this hillfort shows a lot of similarities with the Monkadonja site.

Name: Monbrodohillfort,

Place: near Rovinj.

Coordinates: 45.03476 N –  13.69247 E.

Villa Rustica near Rovinj.

Along the coastline of the Vestar and Cisterna bay fragments of Villa Rustica and remains of ceramics are still visible in various places. The Villa Rustica built in the roman period was used for the processing of olive oil and wine from the hinterland.

Name: Villa Rustica

Place: near Rovinj.

Coordinates: 45.04783 N – 13.68311 E and 45.03554 N – 13.69022 E.